Avonlea Gardens Nursery is open April through mid-November. The Inn is open year round.
Native plants... and more!

ATTRACTive Plants


Are you wondering which of our beautiful plants attract that special visitor that you wish to entice to your garden?

Rain Gardens

Have you been looking at that wet spot in your yard and thinking, “Hmmm, should I do something about that?”

Ohio Natives and Native Varieties

List of Ohio Natives in Avonlea Inventory The native plants of Avonlea Gardens have been categorized using the terms “native” and “native variety.” What is a native? Native is synonymous […]

The Benefits of Native Plants

You may have heard the enthusiastic push to plant native plants, but do you know what’s special about natives? Why are native plants so beneficial? Well, I’m glad you asked! […]

The Amazing Benefits of Native Plants

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